Welcome to Momma Osa!!!

Welcome to Momma Osa

Where the Tie Dye Party comes to you in a Box!

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Momma Osa by Jen Cox

Momma Osa was created as a passion project in order to give back and do more in this world. With everything going on in our world today, We can all be a little more kind. A little more thoughtful. Momma Osa has been created to provide that Momma bear energy to the world. Honoring others, one sock at a time! ONE FOR ONE! We will be selling socks and for every sock sold, we will donate a pair to Homeless, Foster families, or Orphans in America. One for One. We want you to be part of the movement. Momma Osa challenges all of you to buy a pair of socks or an activity kit and acknowledge those around you. They make great gifts, or a project at home to create a new idea. There are no wrong ways of doing Tie Dye!! Its the party in a box that comes to you!!! We can inspire change through creativity! Buy an activity kit or a pair of socks and we donate a pair of socks and tee to vulnerable communities. We see you working hard to be a good Mom or Dad. To acknowledge yourself in your own journey as a Momma Bear or a Papa Bear. We are a part of creating to give!!! Join us

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