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Virtual Tie dye Party

Momma Osa Tie Dye Experience With The Momma Osa Tie Dye Experience, we have created a Tie Dye Activity Kit that has everything you need to have a Tie Dye Party in a box. We cultivate a safe and social environment that makes your team WANT to turn on their zoom cameras. Nothing beats creating something with your own two hands and being able to wear it again.

How It Works

This experience is beginner friendly and will come with simple instructions. Your host will be with you to guide you through the basics of modern tie dye and show you techniques you can use to achieve different designs and patterns. Prepare for smiles and laughter as there is truly no wrong way to tie dye! You are the Creator!

Experience Details

Before we begin you will receive a prep sheet and your tie dye kit before the Party Date so you can be ready to go. We can do either a standard Tie dye technique or Ice Tie dyeing technique. You will need to have a bowl of ice handy for the latter. Cover your table with plastic or a cookie sheet - Please note you will not want to stain anything so will want to cover your work area. Keep in mind, please wear clothing that you will not mind if it gets dirty or a bit of dye on it. We will be careful but you never know. Aprons are recommended.

Kit Contents

Tie Dye Party in a box includes:

1 100% Cotton T shirt in your size

1 pair of socks

3 tie dyes ( just add water)

2 pairs of gloves

15 rubber bands

2 tie dye hair ties

Youth and Adult sizes available ( Please note, 2 XL and 3XL would be an additional $10.00)

Shipping Details

• The cost to ship is not included

• Shipping is ~$10 per shipment

• International shipments or shipments to PO boxes are not available

Your Host: MommaOsa

Jen Cox has been washing denim and tie dyeing garments for as long as she can remember. She has traveled around the world to learn washing and dyeing techniques to develop products for large companies. Recently, she has discovered love for teaching others how to dye by creating a curated ‘Tie Dye Party’ in a box for everyone to enjoy. Her mission started with wanting to give back, so a portion of the proceeds from every purchase are donated to The Covenant House which helps offer a safe haven for Youth Homeless In Los Angeles -thank you for helping!