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Momma Coxie & Co. Palo Santo


Momma Coxie & Co. Palo Santo

  • *Budles of 5 sticks
  • *Sustainably sourced Palo Santo from Peru. Not soaked in Palo Santo oil
  • *Machete cut producing an irregular rough appearance
  • *Light the stick by holding the tip down until there is a small flame for 30 seconds. *Then blow it out. The white smoke will give off the wonderful Palo Santo aroma. You may have to relight the stick several times
  • *Sticks are kiln-dried with hot air at 100 Degrees Celsius. Burns whitish smoke
  • *Energy Cleansing, Palo Santo wood has been used by Shamans from Mayan and Inca civilizations to induce calming effects, inner peace and serenity
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